Do you know me?

This blog is written under a pseudonym because it makes such a difference to me to have an anonymous outlet.  I am quite happy to converse with people on these matters, but in 'real life' it is impossible to give a brief outline of situations, as things are so complex.  In addition, it is difficult from 'outside' to believe quite how appalling the mental health system can be.  Both these factors mean that people cannot usually grasp situations or understand, and do not believe some of the things that have happened, or how the system works.  This results in me feeling more frustrated, frightened and alone than ever. 

If you think you recognise me from the posts, please do not tell anyone.  I'd rather you didn't even tell me, as it's much easier to blog away into the nothingness than to know that someone you know is reading it.  By all means, keep reading, but do not hold me to task about anything I've written.  Remember this is one of the ways I cope and keep going, and to lose it would be incredibly difficult. 

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